Kendrick Lamar

On Kendrick at the 2016 Grammy’s: “I don’t like this.” “He is not an artist! That performance was just weird.” It’s hard to define what is or isn’t art these days (or maybe we should stop trying to define it at all?); however, it can’t be argued that the reason KL’s performance made a lot of people … More Kendrick Lamar

Deep Sea Diver

I’ve never heard anyone shred the way Deep Sea Diver front woman Jessica Dobson does. I was first exposed to her skillz during her time touring as a guitarist with The Shins. It was at the House of Blues in Dallas and I honestly walked away from that show a bigger fan of her than … More Deep Sea Diver

Call Your Girlfriend

OK I NEED TO STOP BEING SO SELFISH AND WRITE THIS POST ALREADY. Call Your Girlfriend is a hilarious podcast that I listen to weekly and religiously. Created and hosted by real life besties, Aminatou Sow and Ann Friedman, this podcast covers literally everything I’ve wondered about as a woman and as a human being. … More Call Your Girlfriend

Little Simz

Dark, raw, and rough. These are the words that come to mind when listening to the Little Simz’ discography. If this is your introduction to Little Simz, then please fasten your seatbelt because you are about to be served some serious musical turbulence.  Before she was “Little Simz”, Simbi Ajikawo was born in Islington, England and focused … More Little Simz

Heloiseeeee, it’s me.

(No regrets on that Adele pun. I’m sure it killed.) Michael Jackson reincarnate, Heloise Letissier, is the mastermind behind the French pop group, Christine and the Queens. I’ve been following her success for the past year and I’m excited to report that her superpowers are only growing stronger with each performance. Heloise is a true entertainer, supporting her pitch … More Heloiseeeee, it’s me.

Ear Gear

First of all, I think I speak for everyone when I say that the term “Ear Gear” is hilarious. I’m probably not the first person to coin this term but if I had to guess, all my money is on Tom from Parks & Recreation. By the way, Ear Gear = Headphones. Keep up, kids. Before buying anything, I … More Ear Gear

Social Media-ocrity

Wow literally everyone is doing cooler things than me. How do they have time to do all this cool stuff? How did they even get a cool job like that? That is totally the lifestyle I need. Blah blah blah. Lifestyle envy is real, y’all, and if you have developed massive anxiety about how you match … More Social Media-ocrity