Womensday ft. Deap Vally + Emily Wolfe

My first guitar was a black Telluride; a birthday gift my mom purchased from our local Hastings (do these stores still exist??). There was nothing fancy about this guitar and, in total, it couldn’t have cost more than $100 which included an instructional book and a basic amplifier. Nevertheless, my 14 year old self was ecstatic because she now held the tool from which she could create the release for all her teenage angst. While I’m nearly twice that age now, I still play guitar (though its more acoustic these days) and continue to have dreams of jamming with some of my idols. Growing up in the 90s, the female guitarists were few and far between, so I’ve been pleased to see the music scene open up, allowing women to demonstrate that their know their way around the ol’ axe. There is still a long climb ahead for women guitarists, especially if two are competing for the one spot on a music label’s roster (IT’S 2016 DUDES, QUIT BEING ASSHOLES) but I’ve had no trouble finding these artists and listening to their music thanks to the wonderful world of streaming services. So enough with this intro, let’s put the pedal to the metal (!!!guitar pun!!!).

Deap Vally

I just can’t with these two. They are too much. In a good way though. Deap Vally’s style of music is what I meant to play with my black Telluride but ending up learning way too many Damien Rice songs. There is still hope for me, right? Deap Vally consists of Lindsey Troy, guitar powerhouse, and Julie Edwards, drummer extraordinaire. Their third release, Femejism, surfaced this year as a 13 song conversation on Women in today’s society. Many of the songs are anthems for women, especially, “Smile More” in which DV nods to the universally annoying suggestion from men to women that they should…smile more. FUCK OFF MAN. I’M NOT SMILING AT YOU BECAUSE YOU’RE UGLY AND OLD. Whew, sorry about that. I’m not actually shallow or an ageist…it’s just…I’ll smile when I damn well feel like it. So point made. Deap Vally is awesome at describing the narration of what women go through on the daily plus their music rocks super hard. Listen to them and support them because they support us women!




Emily Wolfe

“All I want to feel is the whiskey in my drink”

Emily’s transformation from acoustic singer-songwriter to total rock n roll badass was a fantastic yet dangerous one. I first came upon Emily’s music at a time when her and I both were extremely depressed. It was sad, introspective music that was lyrically beautiful but it also carried an air of longing and instability. In a recent interview, Emily revealed her struggles with addiction and how her dependency on alcohol nearly took her life from her. Her wake up call occurred when a series of seizures led to emergency brain surgery; her girlfriend was the one who made the call to 911. Emily survived the incident, but afterwards was given an ultimatum by her girlfriend. She told her she couldn’t stand by and watch anymore as Emily drank her life away. Emily bravely asked for help and entered rehab a few days later. The Emily we see now is unfettered from her past demons, truly shining in ferocity as she pours all her energy into her guitar. Emily has said that she hopes to leave a legacy on music, which I’m predicting will be an inevitable reality.





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