May the Feist Be With You

So ya, I realize everyone knows who Feist is because of that oh so catchy earworm “1234” which was featured in an ipod nano commercial in 2007-2008 ish but has anyone (I’m speaking to the United States) listened to the rest of her catalog seriously? Well after one of her live performances randomly appeared on my youtube suggestions, I did. I’ll never know how this suggestion didn’t pop up sooner, considering I have been obsessively listening to James Blake’s cover of “The Limit To Your Love” for a few years now. James Blake is possibly the only musician who comes close to Feist’s unique vocal performance but fortunately (for us) he takes the song to a completely different space.

The Reminder is just shy of a decade old but has found me again and in a very different way. Perhaps it’s because I’ve lived 9 years of life in between our initial introduction. Or simply because I have better headphones now. Whatever the reason, I’m here now, sending all of you a reminder that some albums have the ability to transcend time itself.

The Video that sparked my renewed interest:

Note: DAYUM GIRL, play that guitar.

Another note: Ummm her backup singers are the ladies from Mountain Man (another great find) which also includes Amelia Meath from Sylvan Esso. I’VE REALIZED SO MUCH WATCHING FEIST VIDEOS.


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