Womensday ft. Radiation City + Rubblebucket

Radiation City

I won’t lie, I have a big lesbian crush on the leading ladies from Radiation City. Keyboard goddesses, Elisabeth Ellison and Patti King, command utter attention with their indie pop anthems. Ellison founded the band along with guitarist, Cameron Spies, in late 2010 and King was later added to the lineup in 2013. Earlier releases from Radiation City were sonically focused around a doo-wop styling but their latest album Synesthetica has way more pop and R&B vibes, which makes for a happy me. Self proclaimed bossa nova fans, you occasionally get a taste of this in their songs and honestly, what a refreshing take on pop music. Check them out, you’ll be happy you did.






Another great example of a female fronted indie pop powerhouse, is Rubblebucket’s Annakalmia Traver. Rubblebucket’s music can be summarized into one word: fun. I’m particularly fond of this band for several reasons but the main reason being Traver’s cancer diagnosis and her decision to undergo treatment while continuing to tour. Talk about resilient. It would be easy for her to take time off and sulk about her health but instead she chooses to use music as therapy for herself and for others. She is truly an example of strength and optimism. We can all take a note from this attitude, especially on our “bad days” when that leaky roof or flat tire derailed your plans for a moment. Just suck it up and change the tire, you’re fine, I promise. Their latest album, a 2015 release titled Survival Sounds documents her fight with cancer and from what I can tell, she kicked cancer’s ass.



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