Womensday ft. Rachel Sermanni + My Bubba

Rachel Sermanni

First a poet. Second an artist. Third a musician. An order of events that will inevitably engender bewitching songs. Rachel Sermanni is a marvel with her acoustic guitar fingerstyle and smokey delivery. Her Scottish roots are present in her melodies as they vibrate my core, reminiscent of winter and warmth. Rachel crafts folk music that feels relatable – familiar. I’ll admit that on more than one occasion I’ve considered getting a tattoo of her lyrics (an impulse I’ve yet to indulge but continues to be something I wouldn’t regret wearing around). I love the way she communicates and the way it translates into real, raw emotions. I’ve felt melancholia but I’ve also felt safety and security. High risk, high reward.

The first video below is a cover of the Robert Burns poem/song “Ae Fond Kiss.” Rachel’s reimagined performance is truly captivating.


Had we never loved sae kindly

Had we never loved sae blindly

Never met or never parted

We’d na’er been broken hearted


For to see her was to love her

Love but her, and love forever



My Bubba

Swedish native, My Larsdotter, and Icelander, Guobjorg Tomasdottir (aka “Bubba”) are My Bubba. I have been intrigued by their music since I had my first listen. Their original lyrics and melodies are led by a strong bass line via Bubba on guitar. It’s harmonious music. Pure, light, and refreshing. Their third album, Big Bad Good, was released this year and it’s a great place to get your feet wet. Some of my favorite tracks include the soul filled “ET” and the apologetic “Carolina.” And go ahead and keep moving onto their album Goes Abroader if you need a pick me up after those slow, spare songs.


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