Random Thoughts on Music

Of course there is the old chicken and egg scenario of who found what first. I don’t intend to be on the forefront of music discovery but I do intend to listen to EVERYTHING.

I go through hobbies like Justin Bieber goes through underwear*. But there has been one constant throughout my life: my love of music. I get more thrill hearing new music than I’ve ever felt knitting a scarf (no offense to my knit crazy friends…you are #blessed with an attention span I’ll never know). And when I meet someone new, I almost always look to see if they have a Spotify profile so I can cyber stalk what they’ve been spinning. It’s harmless, I promise. So if you want to see my eyes light up, tell me about the album you can’t put down or the artist who changed your life. This is the main way I make intimate (non-romantic) connections with others. Listen, I’m not trying to date you, ok?!

If you ask me, it’s pretty remarkable that we have so many artists who make a living by creating and performing music. Think about that for a second. Their job is to literally write lyrics and play instruments and record sounds solely for the consumption of our ears. And this isn’t even a modern concept as music has been around for an estimated 55,000 years (thanks wiki). So what would happen if you took music away from everyone? In my opinion, utter chaos (<<great band name if not already taken). Music is so many things to so many people, not just the ones that pay the bills with their album sales. Music is meditative, emotional, communicative…I could go on. In short, music makes us feel something.

But what is that something? Whether it’s the lyrics or the melodies or the mood of the song, we are moved. And I mean that in a literal sense. Remember that song you were listening to when you were driving to your friend’s place years ago? The weather was nice so you had your windows down. It smelled fresh outside and you were only attuned to the wind rolling over your hand as you held it out the window.You were happy. I have so many of these memories, but the only way I’m fully transported back to that time is when I hear a familiar song. So, really, musicians have the most important job. They hold the power to help us communicate our feelings, ease our emotional state and trigger long-lost memories. 55,000 years makes so much sense now. Music is so important that after we had our first experience it was forever woven into the fabric of humanity. No one questions it because they can’t imagine their lives without it.

Thank you musicians.


*Not supported by evidence of Justin ruining underwear…one time he told Ellen that he throws them out after one use. Only the freshest panties for his almighty loins, I ‘spose.


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