Deep Sea Diver

I’ve never heard anyone shred the way Deep Sea Diver front woman Jessica Dobson does. I was first exposed to her skillz during her time touring as a guitarist with The Shins. It was at the House of Blues in Dallas and I honestly walked away from that show a bigger fan of her than I did the Shins. So as you can imagine, I was stoked (ew I just used the word stoked) to see that she decided to carve her own musical path via Deep Sea Diver.

The 2012 release “History Speaks” was a good introduction into Jessica and what she is a capable of as a songwriter. It’s generally upbeat music that is strongly led by her guitar riffs and well supported by her drummer/husband Peter Mansen. In 2014, the “Always Waiting EP” emerged as short, sweet and powerful. The EP is only four songs, but really you could just repeat these four songs about three times and have a full album of music…which is often how I listen to them.

You and I

All alone

Only arms that I would ever run to

I stay up, stay up

Listen to your heartbeat

Her most recent album, “Secrets,” which was released this year, is yet another example of thoughtful lyrics and kickass riffs.

One woman band.


Super good acoustic set of “History Speaks” material.


Covering Mariah Carey. NBD.


I love her.



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