Womensday ft. Deap Vally + Emily Wolfe

My first guitar was a black Telluride; a birthday gift my mom purchased from our local Hastings (do these stores still exist??). There was nothing fancy about this guitar and, in total, it couldn’t have cost more than $100 which included an instructional book and a basic amplifier. Nevertheless, my 14 year old self was ecstatic because … More Womensday ft. Deap Vally + Emily Wolfe

Womensday ft. Radiation City + Rubblebucket

Radiation City I won’t lie, I have a big lesbian crush on the leading ladies from Radiation City. Keyboard goddesses, Elisabeth Ellison and Patti King, command utter attention with their indie pop anthems. Ellison founded the band along with guitarist, Cameron Spies, in late 2010 and King was later added to the lineup in 2013. Earlier … More Womensday ft. Radiation City + Rubblebucket

Womensday ft. Rachel Sermanni + My Bubba

Rachel Sermanni First a poet. Second an artist. Third a musician. An order of events that will inevitably engender bewitching songs. Rachel Sermanni is a marvel with her acoustic guitar fingerstyle and smokey delivery. Her Scottish roots are present in her melodies as they vibrate my core, reminiscent of winter and warmth. Rachel crafts folk music that feels relatable – familiar. … More Womensday ft. Rachel Sermanni + My Bubba

Womensday ft. Kehlani + Tinashe

Congratulations to y’all on the first installment of Womensday which I hope is as self explanatory as it sounds. OmG kEeP uP…it’s a post about female musicians…posted on Wednesdays. Simple. It’s probably fairly obvious that I already feature women on here 90% of the time but why not give them an additional day because women generally aren’t supported enough. Period (pun intended). This series may end … More Womensday ft. Kehlani + Tinashe

The Staves

I’ve heard that sisters create the best harmonies and The Staves are validation to this theory. Music that burns slow but hits hard. I still remember the first time I heard them. It was a Mahogany Sessions video and they were performing their track “Facing West.” It was one ukulele, one guitar, and three angelic voices melting together in harmonious bliss. … More The Staves